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Elizabeth Derosia

Years of teaching at FPS: 5 years

Teaching certification: Florida Childhood Development Associate Credential (CDAE)

Ms. Derosia notes that at age two her students “are learning and trying to be more independent. It’s fun to watch them learn and grow.” She loves “seeing the excitement on their faces when they accomplish something such as potty training or learning a new word.” She says her “favorite activity is teaching them to stop, drop, and roll because they pick up on it so well and are very excited to know how to do this.”

Ms. Derosia says, “I really enjoy teaching at FPS because the staff is more than just coworkers; we are a team of family and friends.”

Outside of teaching at FPS, Ms. Derosia says, “I spend most of my time with my kids and at church events.” She is currently attending Daytona State College, working in her degree in elementary education.