Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)

Beyond Centers and Circle Time

“Scaffolding & Accessing the Play of Young Children” 

The Beyond Centers and Circle Time Curriculum Pre-K Theme Series is designed to provide an appropriate blend of a developmental approach and a didactic approach with young children.

This theme series provides teachers with lesson ideas that present opportunities to offer direct information while allowing children to experiment and explore materials in order to create their own knowledge.

At the First Presbyterian School, the preschool focuses on the following areas:

Study Themes: 

Me & My Family

Real & Make-Believe

The Farm & the City

Insects & Spiders

Animals of the Jungle

Oceans & Ocean Life 
Amphibians & Reptiles

Birds in the Neighborhood

Authors & Illustrators

Outer Space

Seasons of the Year

The Zoo / Dental Week /Health